Reviews from client’s that have worked with Nicole Liammari, Founder of PrimalRoot Wellness- My Gut Hut LLC



Meet Sue A.

“Nicole, not a Dr but a health and wellness life coach, has been able to help me physically and mentally that no Dr has been able to do in over 10 yrs. 2 different drs have told me nothing can be done to improve my quality if life. Depressing. Just my one question to her from me was " you literally glow! what is your secret?" I wanted that!

 I admit I am not her best student. I do not always follow what I should be doing but we are human...and she understands. But funny thing is...when I do follow her suggestions I feel amazing. Even small changes make a huge difference. She lets me do baby steps cause I just need

I have not slept all night in over 10 years. I have more full nights of sleep than I do not. Bile/acid reflux? Less than 5 times in 2 months. I was several times a day x 5days a week! Taking less medicine too!

Its not only about food. Its also about mind. Its about who you are. Even more than that. She has a system that works on it all. Its common to get a trainer when you work out. Well that's what Nicole is to me. My "trainer" for a healthier me.” Weight loss of approx 40-50 lbs”

~ Sue A.



Meet Liz M.

“ My name is Liz, and I have been in the fitness industry and very active with a healthy diet for most of my life. After a miscarriage, my body went out of whack and I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that changed my life.

I was no longer able to workout, due to complications from the autoimmune disorder. I then had two babies fairly back to back.

After my last baby, I ended up with severe post partum depression and anxiety. I ended up on medication for that, as well as my thyroid autoimmune disorder.

I knew I wanted off meds. I also could not get the baby weight off, and hit a long term weight loss plateau, that clean eating (including probiotics and fiber), the limited fitness I was able to do had not been able to break.

I started doing so much research and then one day I met Nicole. I started her ReNew program, and within two weeks my 7 month weight loss Plateau had broken.

Now, 6 months later, I can workout, at full capacity. My thyroid symptoms have decreased and I am off medication. I feel like I have my life back, I am getting my body back, I am able to workout and train others again.

My world is normalizing and I am feeling like Liz again. I take KePro everyday and will continue, the product and Nicole’s program was the change I needed.”



Meet Adrian 

“When I first came across Nicole, I was in really rough shape. I reached out to her after seeing her post about candida, an issue I had been struggling with with little to no help from my doctors. We ended up talking on the phone and I finally felt some acknowledgement of my suffering, not only did she believe me but she was so confident that she could get me back on track!

Upon starting her program I learned a lot about my body and about myself spiritually and mentally. Nicole helped me by instituting a candida friendly diet, introducing kefir as a morning supplement and adding a lot of helpful new habits to my routine such as journaling, meditation, and becoming more active. I kept a daily log of my diet and symptoms which I turned into her once a week.

I found that I was a lot more driven to stay on task and not cheat on my diet because I had someone to hold me accountable! However even if I did make a mistake, Nicole was always very understanding and offered great advice! She is incredibly easy to talk to and open up with. We worked through some past trauma that could have been affecting my body physically without me even realizing it.

She introduced me to things like grounding outside, listening to vibrations and turned me on to some great authors/specialists! At the beginning of the program I was suffering from a long list of issues. Upon finishing it I felt like a new person. I lost around 20 pounds (wasn’t a goal but it's what making healthier choices brought me!)

I even was able to go on a lower dosage of my prescribed medication. I would recommend this program to anyone seeking healing of any kind. I will say, Nicole gives you the tools and is there to support you, but you have to have the desire to get to work :)!”



Meet Dori

 "I met Nicole almost one year ago in May of 2021 when I was doing some research on the benefits of taking probiotics.  My sister suggested that I look into the product KePro.  It was then that I met my new wellness coach, Nicole.  Some of my struggles were associated with how to help my autoimmune healing process.  Nicole is a great resource with valuable information and a way of presenting a program especially designed for me.  As my wellness coach she made herself available on the phone to offer compassionate advice on how I could get started on my journey to wellness.  Now, almost a year later, I am feeling so much better in many areas of my life:  immune support, digestion, nutrition, regularity, and glucose regulation just to name a few.  Thank you Nicole for your guidance and your much appreciated friendship."



Meet Janine

“As a long distance runner, I learned very quickly how important it is to train your body AND fuel it properly. After my first full marathon last year, I knew I needed to approach nutrition differently.

Enter the fabulous Nicole Liammari. I knew her approach to not only food, but overall health and wellness was exactly what I needed to “prep” and “carb load” the right way. She listened to me and what my needs were, and created a meal plan that was PERFECT .

In two days of the plan, my body felt so different and so good. I started thinking about food differently. I ran the Chicago Marathon and went into my second feeling confident I had enough fuel. I shaved 40 minutes off my finish time last year ( a HUGE PR for me) and felt great through to the end.

Thank you Nicole for setting me up for success. You helped this marathoner in more ways than you know.”




Meet Adrienne 

“Since I met Nicole, my healing has advanced rapidly. She has been a perfect sounding board when I need positive reinforcement to stay on track towards wellness. Nicole’s caring and upbeat attitude are a reminder that hope is not wasted.

Knowing that she had gone through a similar healing journey and is now in remission, is the motivation needed to keep working. It helps tremendously to have someone to talk to who has already been through much of the same struggles, and has conquered them (naturally!!!)

Nicole makes herself available to offer compassionate and knowledgeable instructions during the autoimmune healing process.  Not only is she a great resource with access to experienced colleagues and valuable information, but she is also a great friend.” 





Meet Kristi 

Q: Are you happy with the program? Is it meeting your expectations?

A: Yes, thrilled with it. It is meeting my expectations and then some.

Q: Can I improve your experience in any way?

A: My experience is perfect, no need for improvement.

Q: Do you feel the price of Program is in line with the service you are receiving?

A: I think the price is great. Functional medicine can be very pricey and overwhelming, so the value of having someone coach you AND hold your hand to implement the necessary changes in your life to me is priceless.

Q: What has been your favorite part of the Program?

A: I love the book. I am really enjoying reading it. I also just like having someone to talk to in regards to health and wellness. There are not many people around these parts that like to talk gut health.

Q: Anything else you want to add, please don't be shy.

A: I have really enjoyed this program. I have been navigating the world of functional health and there is sooooo much info and it's overwhelming and not many people to refer to for help. I have met with functional doctors and coaches and learned good info, but applying that to my life as been hard. So to have someone help me dive into my day to day and advise how to move forward has been amazing. I was leery of spending more money, but I can honestly say that the value of this Program to me is priceless. I feel brand new in so many ways!



Meet Mandy

Q: Are you happy with the Program? Is it meeting your expectations?

A: The program is truly surpassing expectations. I knew I would maybe lose some weight, or possibly find help with hormonal swings, but the result has been far more beneficial than I could’ve imagined. I saw results almost immediately with bloating, discomfort, and an anxiousness I had not been able to calm. My skin and overall look has improved, but my spirit being awoken has been the best benefit by far.

Q: What is your favorite part of the Program thus far?

A: Realizing I have found something that focuses on so much more than just losing weight; the program is an overall healing of mind, body, and spirit. It makes for a whole body recompense rather than band-aid patching a wound prone to easily reopen. There is a substance to what is being done that is reflected in the results and changes I’ve experienced.

Q: Can I improve your experience in any way?

A: As of now, I don’t think so. I am so appreciative for all of your work and your honesty with me!

Q: Are you happy with your progress thus far?

A: I feel proud of what I am changing in my life due to the program so far, and the results I am witnessing because of those changes make me very happy! This all encompassed method of healing affords a feeling of hope; it’s as if I am right where I should be even when I occasionally falter, and that makes me very excited to see what’s to come as I continue the program.

Q: Please add anything else :-)

A: The one on one mentoring in this program is what sets it apart, and has been of tremendous value to me. Nicole offers instant connection by meeting you where you’re at, regardless of station, offering firm but considerate guidance on whole body self-care. She is passionate about helping others heal, and her enthusiasm reiterates that passion with every conversation and lesson. Incorporating meditation, gratitude, journaling, and food as nourishment in addition to pleasure is a wining formula I am so glad to have been introduced to. Healing while learning self-reflection as a means of creating your future is amazing, and I would recommend the program to anyone!


 Google Review from Marie:

“My god, what a discovery! It is an awesome place for total wellness and health…I have to say Founder Nicole Liammari knows her stuff! She’s well educated and mentors like no other!

Even created a one of a kind journal that’s actually a protocol all in one! Tracks it all for whole wellness! Amazing! And along with the journal comes the best large sized soy candle which scent is superior to all other soy candles and lasts 40 hours!! Vitality Vibes 365 Rocks!”


Google Review from Joey:

“Nicole is an amazing person who is incredibly talented and exceptional in this field of health. You can tell she genuinely cares and is super passionate about what she does. She explains complex issues in simple ways and has always been super accesible to answer questions whenever I had any. I had no idea how important gut health was to overall health and I wouldn't trust how I handle my gut health to anyone but her.”


Google Review from KD B.:

“Vitality Vibes is a place where you can learn not only how to take care of your physical well-being but also your mental well-being. I feel like I have a team of professionals who care about me! I also love Mr. Chunk. I recommend Vitality Vibes 100%!”


Google Review from Paula:

“THE best resource for your overall health and mindset! Hands down A+++++
Nicole is number 1 and you will be better for aligning with her and Vitality Vibes! 😊💛”


Google Review from Elizabeth:

“I would highly recommend this company. I have worked with Nicole over the past year and she’s helped me immensely. Her new journal is something I now use every day!! It’s a must have”